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Upgrading or repairing your home’s electrical system and appliances is a big task because it must be done safely and correctly. Thankfully, if you live in Ocala or the surrounding area, then all you have to do to get reputable electrical services is pick up the phone and dial (352) 329-3740.

Patrick's Heating & Air Conditioning is the trusted name in all sorts of home services and specialized installations, including electrical projects. Our licensed, insured, and trained electricians are ready to help you check off your to-do list!

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Contact us today to learn more about our electrical services and how we can help.

Electrical Services We Offer

The only number you need to get top-quality electrical services backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee is (352) 329-3740. We offer a large variety of electrical services to take care of any project or emergency repair you might need.

Let us know if you need help with any of these electrical services:

  • Whole-home rewiring: A home with old wiring is not as safe as it could be, so let’s talk about whole-home rewiring projects today. Not only does new wiring improve your home’s overall safety but it can also substantially increase your home’s value if you are eventually planning to sell.
  • Whole-home backup generators: You can keep your home prepared for any natural disaster in Florida with a whole-home backup generator. If the power is out for hours – or even days – take comfort in knowing that the most important appliances in your home can remain functional.
  • Switch and outlet installation: Our Ocala electricians can quickly handle any switch and outlet installation job. Whether you want to add new outlets to a room or upgrade all the outlets in your home, we have you covered.
  • Smart thermostat installation: Keeping your home cool in the summer is a breeze with a smart thermostat, which you can control from your phone and set for automatic, energy-saving adjustments.
  • EV charger installation and maintenance: Increase the convenience of your electrical vehicle even more by having us install an EV charger station on your property, such as in the garage. You can also call us if your current EV charger is acting up and needs professional attention.
  • Ceiling fan and lighting installation: Ceiling fans are a great way to cool off a room and add to its aesthetic without ramping up your electricity bill. Call now if you want to get a ceiling fan installed in one or more rooms.

Signs You Should Call an Electrician

Not sure if you should call an electrician about an electrical annoyance? Rather than guessing – and possibly letting the situation get worse – start by checking out this quick list of warning signs that something is wrong with your home’s electrical system.

Seven signs that you should call an electrician today include:

  1. A constant or near-constant quiet buzzing sound can be heard inside some walls.
  2. An outlet feels warm when you touch it.
  3. Fuses keep blowing or the circuit breaker trips frequently.
  4. Lights flicker randomly or whenever you use a certain appliance.
  5. Plugging in an electronic causes a small spark.
  6. You noticed singed or damaged wires in the fuse box.
  7. You smell smoke or a burnt smell but can’t figure out why.

Please note: 
Some of the signs on this list can be the start of a dangerous electrical hazard in your home. We advise you to dial (352) 329-3740 immediately if you notice any of these issues. If you suspect there is an electrical fire in your walls, call 911.

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For over 20 years we have been the leading provider of innovative and effective heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical services to homes throughout all of Central Florida

Electrical Services FAQ

Is it safe to reset a circuit breaker yourself?

It should be perfectly safe to conduct a simple circuit breaker reset after a trip. It is done by switching the breaker from off or neutral, waiting a moment, and then switching it back on. However, if the circuit breaker has been tripping frequently, feels hot, smells like smoke, or has damaged wires, then you should not attempt to reset it yourself. When in doubt, call a professional electrician.

Is it safe to leave a circuit breaker in the off position for a while?

Yes, keeping a circuit breaker off for an extended period should not do any harm to it. Oftentimes, people will shut off their breakers and leave them off when an electrician is arriving soon to complete work.

Is there a reason why some light bulbs in my house burn out quickly?

A light bulb can burn out quicker than you expect if it is overheating due to a fault in its connection or an issue with the amount of voltage it is receiving. An electrician can inspect the connected circuit and outlets for any issues that might be causing your bulbs to burn out.

Am I allowed to work on my home’s wiring myself?

Typically, it is unlawful in Florida and other states to work on your home’s wiring or other electrical components without property training and certification. Not only could that land you in legal trouble, but it is also extremely dangerous. Don’t take the risk! Call an electrician, even for seemingly small electrical projects.

What does a surge protector do?

Surge protectors inhibit certain levels of voltage flow from entering any connected devices. It essentially “blocks” power surges from reaching sensitive electronics that could be damaged by it. We recommend whole home surge protectors for the most convenience.

Should I get a generator if I live in Florida?

Most people who have lived in Florida for a long time will recommend that you get a backup generator due to the state’s seasonal storms and hurricanes. Our electricians can help you pick and install the right generator for your needs, as well as explain how to use it safely.

Choose Ocala’s Trusted Electricians Today

Our Ocala electrical service technicians are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and not your budget. With a variety of competitively priced electrical services provided by licensed and insured electricians, we are sure we have the right service for your project. To make things even easier for you, we accept appointments 7 days a week and can even respond to emergency calls at any hour.

For expert electrical services that match your budget, call (352) 329-3740 today.

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