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Patrick's Heating & Air Conditioning in Ocala performs a variety of different electrical switch and outlet services. Whether you need a new outlet installed, a switch upgraded, or repairs across the house, we are the team of electricians you can count on for the job. We are committed to completing every switch and outlet project quickly, affordably, and, of course, safely.

Our commitment to your happiness and customer satisfaction goes above and beyond what you might expect from the average electrical services company. We offer 24/7 services for electrical emergencies. You should also ask about our satisfaction guarantee when you are scheduling your switch and outlet services for your Ocala home!

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Types of Switches & Outlets We Install

When you flip a switch in your house to turn on or off a light or another electronic, you might never realize how complex the electrical system behind it really is. What most people don’t realize is that there are various types of switches that can be installed based on the purpose of the switch and any connected outlets. We make it easy to install or upgrade your home’s switches and outlets because we completely remove the guesswork.

Our electricians can work with any type of electrical switch or outlet, such as:

  • One-way/single-pole: The most common type of electrical switch is a one-way/single-pole switch. It is usually marked with an on/off switch that only flips up or down. Odds are that most of the switches in your home are of this type.
  • Two-way/double-pole: Some switches use a two-way/double-pole electrical switch system. This setup allows a single light or electronic to be controlled from multiple locations. For example, if you can turn the lights of your stairwell on and off from the top and the bottom of the steps, it is likely using a two-way/double-pole system.
  • Dimmer: Are you looking to add some ambiance to a room in your house? A dimmer switch attached to a light might be what you need. Dimmer switches let you carefully adjust the light level of a room when paired with a dimmable bulb.
  • GFCI outlet: A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is a specialized type of outlet that is designed to reduce the risk of an electric shock. You will know if you have a GFCI outlet if it has buttons that say test and reset on it. Older homes sometimes do not have any GFCI outlets but should. Let us know if your older home is overdue for GFCI installation.

Signs a Switch or Outlet Needs Repaired

Without a background in electrical work, you might not be able to easily spot if a switch or outlet has gone bad and is in need of repair. With just a little bit of knowledge shared from our Ocala electrical switch repair specialists, though, you can do a quick check around the house for outlets that should be fixed or replaced.

Five signs that a switch or outlet needs repair are:

  1. The plastic cover of a switch or outlet feels warm to the touch. Warmth is a telltale sign that the outlet or switch is sparking when turned on and off. It is a significant fire hazard, so please call us at (352) 329-3740 now.
  2. There is an odor of smoke or burnt plastic around a switch or outlet. Again, this is a sign that the electrical component is overheating, which can be extremely dangerous and start a house fire. Act quickly and get our electricians on the job right away.
  3. When you flip the switch, it takes a moment for the light to come on. Or, when you plug in a new electronic to an outlet, it takes a second before it receives any power.
  4. You notice a buzzing sound when using an outlet or when a switch is on. Certain light bulbs can buzz if they are turned up too brightly, so keep that in mind when you first notice a buzzing sound.
  5. The faceplate on an outlet or switch has been damaged or cracked, which can happen due to overheating or even stray electrical arcs.

Call (352) 329-3740 today!

Leave the Electrical Work Up to Us

Leave any switch and outlet job up to our team in Ocala. We can complete the project safely and efficiently, no matter how many different outlets we need to install, maintain, or repair on your property. We are certain you will be pleased by our commitment to affordability, too, so please reach out today and see what Patrick's Heating & Air Conditioning can do for you!

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