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The electric vehicle (EV) is the future of automobile travel across the United States, including here in Florida. Unfortunately, charging an EV can sometimes feel a bit outdated. Finding an EV station in your town, getting there at the right time, and waiting your turn to charge your vehicle is not exactly convenient.

Want an electric vehicle but don’t want to fuss with keeping it charged? Patrick's Heating & Air Conditioning in Ocala is here to the rescue! Our electricians can install an EV charger station in your own home, so you never again have to drive far just to charge your car. If you already have an EV charger and it is acting up, then you will be pleased to know that we offer EV charger maintenance and repairs throughout Ocala as well.

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How to Pick the Right EV Charger

Not every EV charger is the same. The make and model of your electric vehicle will change what EV charger you will want in your garage or elsewhere on your property. There are also different types of chargers based on your home’s electrical system, how quickly you want the vehicle to recharge, and so on.

EV chargers typically come in three different types:

  • Level 1: A level 1 charger is considered the industry standard and will work with most household electrical systems. The charging speed is relatively slow, so the vehicle should be charged overnight.
  • Level 2: A level 2 charger is a step up from level 1 in that it can noticeably decrease the overall charge time. However, additional electrical work might be required to make sure that your home’s electrical system can work with it.
  • Level 3: A level 3 charger is even faster than a level 2 charger, but it commonly is only available in a commercial or industrial setting. Household electrical systems typically cannot provide the right amount of power. We will let you know if you should aim for a level 1 or 2 instead, or if a level 3 is actually an option.

We would be happy to sit down with you and figure out what EV charger is right for you. Picking out a new EV charger to install or upgrade has never been easier.

EV Charger Maintenance

Our Ocala EV charger technicians are great at installing new EV chargers wherever our customers want them. But we are also well-known for our electrical system maintenance and repair services. If your EV charger is acting up, call (352) 329-3740 to get us on the job right away.

Your EV charger might require maintenance if it:

  • Charges slower than normal.
  • Does not charge at all.
  • Does not respond when your vehicle is plugged in.
  • Has a warning light or error message.
  • Has signs of physical damage or defects.
  • Feels hot to the touch or smells like burnt plastic.

Our EV charger maintenance specialists can find the best option if your EV charger is acting up. Maintenance or repairs are not always the most cost-effective option. If it would save you money to install a new or upgraded EV charger, rather than trying to repair a broken one, then we will let you know.

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Electric Vehicle Charger FAQ

Should you leave your electric vehicle plugged in after the battery is full?

You do not need to run back into the garage to unplug your electric vehicle once its battery is fully charged. Modern EV chargers are designed to switch to a slower “trickle charge” when the battery is at 99% or 100%. This switch will keep the battery at 100% but also stop it from overcharging or overheating.

Can EV chargers be installed outside?

Yes, most level 2 EV chargers can be installed inside or outside. Let our team know where you like to park your electric vehicle, and we can tell you if the EV charger of your choice can be safely installed there.

How long should it take to fully charge a car battery?

Each EV’s charging time will vary depending on the model, battery size, and other factors. You should consult with the automaker to get an idea of how long it should take to fully charge the battery when near 0%. Use this info as a baseline for charging. If the charge time starts to take noticeably longer than the baseline, then something might be wrong with the charger or the battery.

Call for Lightning Quick EV Charger Services

You shouldn’t have to wait weeks and weeks just to get an EV charger installed or maintained. With Patrick's Heating & Air Conditioning in Ocala, you don’t have to. We are proud of our flexible scheduling options, including 24/7 emergency services. Be sure to tell us about any other home services you might need while we are out there working on your EV charger, too!

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