Toilet Repair Vs. Replacement

Close up of a toilet being cleaned

META: Toilet Repair Vs. Replacement | Saving money is essential, but there are times when throwing out that old toilet is more cost-efficient

SOCIAL: Toilet Repair Vs. Replacement | Here are the signs you need a new toilet, and your old toilet is beyond repairs.

TITLE: Toilet Repair Vs. Replacement

No time is more sacred than our time in the bathroom. Taking a seat on the porcelain throne is truly a time of rest, relaxation, and contemplation of our days. While bathroom time is sacred, make sure that you get the most out of your experience with a toilet that is not falling apart. If you notice your toilet has some damage, here are some ways to tell if you need a repair or a new toilet!

Flushing Not What It Used To Be

Toilets having issues with flushing is not new, but before you get a new toilet, make sure you are not looking at a quick repair. Typically, the most common reason for toilet flushing issues is flapper or even broken handles that professional pl-umbers can replace.

If water displacement issues are linked to broken chains in your weather tank, tightening some components can also be remedied. Even toilets that seem to be constantly running or have ghost flushing issues can typically be repaired by fixing the flapper.


Toilet bowl cracks are a serious issue that should never be taken lightly. Contact a professional if you begin to notice hairline fractures across your toilet bowl. Small fractures can be repaired with special materials; however, every case is unique and need to be examined. Over a specific threshold toilet bowl, fractures become a potential hazard that can lead to shattering. At a certain point, it is not worth selling up numerous cracks to extend the life of a severely damaged bowl, so you will be better off replacing your toilet.


A toilet that wobbles or noticeably moves when in use is a sign that you may need to tighten the bolts at the base, which is a relatively straightforward repair. However, if the bolts are not the issue, there could be the possibility that the floor underneath your toilet is compromised which will need assessment as that may be a sign of structural water damage that extends beyond your plumbing.

Other culprits of a wobbly toilet can be linked to broken wax seals or flanges that will be replaceable, but whether they are worth the cost is another question entirely. Sometimes replacing broken flanges can be recommended for newer toilets to extend their lifespan, but homeowners may be better off upgrading to a more energy-efficient model for older toilets.

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