Why You Should Install an Automatic Water Shut-Off Valve

Why You Should Install an Automatic Water Shut-Off Valve

What Is an Automatic Water Shut-Off Valve?

Automatic water shut-off valves are devices that can be installed as part of your plumbing system that act as safeguards to protect your home from the water damage and mess that can result from leaking or burst pipes. They can be installed to shut off water to your entire home or to work with certain appliances, such as an automatic washing machine water shut-off valve. No matter which kind you choose, it can save you a lot of hassle in the event of a plumbing disaster.

How Does an Automatic Water Shut-Off Valve Work?

An automatic water shut-off valve works by monitoring the flow of water through your home’s plumbing system, responding to odd fluctuations, pressure changes, or extended flow of water by closing the valve and stopping the water from flowing.

Because it’s an automatic system, it works precisely when you need it to – you won’t arrive home after a day at work or from a nice vacation to find a mess from a leaking pipe. In the case of point-of-use automatic shut-off valves, such as those attached to washing machines, it will do the same thing, shutting off the water supply to the appliance in the case of a leak or overflow.

Reasons to Have an Automatic Water Shut-Off Valve Installed

While every home has a water shut-off valve, since they’re required across the US, there are a few common drawbacks to standard shut-off valves that make the automatic version even more attractive:

  • Older manual water shut-off valves may be broken or difficult to close – which you may not discover until you’re dealing with a leak or other plumbing issue.
  • Manual shut-off valves can sometimes be difficult to access, especially for those with limited mobility.
  • If you’re away from home during a plumbing emergency and only have a manual valve installed, the water will continue running or leaking until someone discovers it and turns the valve off – it could be going for hours (or days!)
  • If you only live in your home part-time or travel often, an automatic valve can give you some extra peace of mind, preventing water damage even while you’re away.
  • If you live in an area known for severe weather events, having an automatic water shut-off valve can give you one less thing to worry about during weather emergencies.

Automatic Water Shut-Off Valve Installation in Central Florida

If you’re considering adding an automatic water shut-off valve to your home or have questions about your plumbing system, the professionals at Patrick’s Heating & Air Conditioning are happy to help! Give us a call at 352-329-3740 or schedule service online anytime.

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