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All furnaces and heating systems come to the end of their lives at one time or another. When that happens, choosing the right replacement system is an important decision.

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About Furnaces

Having a Furnace is a good way to heat your home effieciently and effectively. But did you know that there are lots of furnaces that can fit your specific needs? The kinds of furnaces are listed below:


  1. Gas Furnace
    This is the most common kind of furnace you’ll find, especially in cooler climates. Gas furnaces are very effective at distributing heat evenly and cost less than the other furnaces.
  2. Oil Furnace
    If you do not have access to gas in your home, then picking an oil furnace would be a viable option for you. This option however isn’t always as efficient as a gas furnace would be.
  3. Electric Furnace
    If you do not have a natural gas line coming into your home then you can pick out an electric furnace. Electric furnaces are often less expensive to purchase and come in tinier sizes when compared to gas furnaces. However, like oil furnaces, they are not as efficient as gas furnaces. People who are in warmer climates tend to buy these more often because of the low cost upfront and low usage.
  4. Modulating Furnace
    A modulating furnace changes the amount of gas it burns based on the target temperature. This type of furnace isn’t as cheap up front, however, this unit won’t waste energy, making it more efficient. Instead, it uses less energy without turning on and off throughout the day.

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