All Your Home Heating Options, Explained


If you’re a central Florida homeowner in the market for a furnace replacement, you might want to explore your options to find a solution that’s even more cost-effective, efficient, environmentally responsible, and better for your allergies. Evaluating the different types of home heating and cooling systems can help you find a system that works well for your space and keeps you cozy.

Different Types of Home Heating Systems

First, a look at the mainstream choices that can effectively heat your Ocala area home.

  • Air-source heat pumps are more eco-friendly than combustion options like natural gas or propane furnaces or boilers. This is because, instead of burning fuel, heat pumps transfer heat that already exists in the air into your duct system. It’s also many times more efficient than furnaces, resulting in lower monthly energy bills. Heat pumps also serve as your air conditioner, so you get an efficient 2-in-1 solution. Another bonus is that air-source heat pump rebates and other tax incentives are available to central Florida homeowners.
  • Mini-splits are a type of heat pump becoming more and more common for Florida homeowners who prefer to not install ducts in their homes. Mini-splits take the form of wall-mounted vents that deliver warm or cool air to chosen rooms, so you can adjust different parts of your home with different thermostats.
  • Electric baseboard heat can be another handy ductless option. Using electricity, this system takes in cold air from below the baseboard, heats it, and allows it to flow up, heating the room.
  • Furnaces may be among the most familiar of home heating options, but they are far from the main choice.Depending on the unit, they can use natural gas, propane, heating oil, or electricity for energy.
  • Boilers use electricity or combustion to heat a tank of water, distributing heat through radiators in different rooms.

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Best Alternative Home Heating Options to Choose

If you prefer to deviate from the traditional heaters for your climate control and find something unique that works well for your space, these are the most effective alternative options:

  1. Active solar heating captures energy from the sun through solar panels. Using the energy, the system warms air or water, which it uses to heat the house.
  2. Geothermal heat pumps transfer heat from the earth. Some systems draw from the ground, while others take it from underground wells or above-ground bodies of water near the house. Because the temperature underground remains fairly steady even in the winter, this is the single-most efficient way to heat and cool your home. Installation, however, requires excavation and is often better suited to a new build or a big remodel. Tax credits are available to help reduce upfront costs.

Find an Expert Central Florida HVAC Company

You have several options for your home’s climate control. Whether you choose a mainstream system or install something more unique, knowing your options lets you choose a system that is perfect for your space. For expert furnace replacement in Ocala, Fl, call Patrick’s Heating & Air Conditioning. Simply request service online or call 352-329-3740[OUW4] to get started.

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