Cleaning Your HVAC Unit: A DIY Guide Made Easy

Close up of a woman opening a ductless mini-split mount

HVAC systems require regular maintenance to run as efficiently as possible and avoid random outages. While annual maintenance checks from our professionals are strongly recommended, you can also help keep your HVAC running smoothly at home by simply cleaning your HVAC. Not only is cleaning your HVAC simple, but we are here to break down some DIY tips you can use.

Safety First

Before cleaning your HVAC system, make sure you power off the unit entirely. You can do this by going to the main panel and turning it off to ensure no power runs to the system. For those who may still have some worries that your HVAC system may still be powered on, you can always flip the circuit breaker connected to your HVAC unit as an additional precaution.

Cleaning Your HVAC

Getting down to it, cleaning your HVAC system is quite simple and doesn’t take much time at all. The first step in cleaning your HVAC system involves unscrewing the outer panels of your HVAC unit and then removing the fan. Make sure to keep those screws handy in a safe place when you need to reattach the panels. At first glance, you may notice a lot of grime and possibly even leaves or rocks that have collected.

Debris build-up can cause strain on your HVAC system that could explain uneven heating, cooling, or even odd sounds throughout the day. Use a vacuum to scoop up those pesky leaves and dirt quickly. Replace or rinse your air filters to make sure your system is sparkly clean.

You can then use a coil cleaner solution to clean your coils and make sure to rinse the foam off the coils afterward. When rinsing off your HVAC unit, make sure it dries completely before reattaching the panels.

Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

Not only will cleaning your HVAC improve your home’s indoor air quality significantly, but it can help make your system run more efficiently. Cleaning air filters and removing debris help put less strain on your HVAC, improve airflow, and the higher efficiency can help cut costs on your energy bills.

We know that cleaning can take a long time and you’re busy this holiday season, so call us at (352) 329-3740. At Patrick's Heating & Air Conditioning we will take the weight off your shoulders and get that HVAC system sparkly clean so that you can breathe better!