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Ocala Heat Pump Repair

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Are you looking for the most dependable heat pump repair in Ocala? Look no further than Patrick's Heating & Air Conditioning. Our HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) professionals have the experience to keep your home’s heat pump system working properly.

We’re devoted to providing you with superior customer service. When you call (352) 329-3740 for any heat pump repair service, your call will be answered by a real person. Whether you call during the day or the middle of the night! Call our experts at (352) 329-3740 or contact us online to schedule your heat pump repair appointment today.

We’ll promptly send one of our knowledgeable professionals to your home. Every one of our friendly pros are entirely licensed and insured to execute repairs on any brand of heat pump. They’ve also finished rigorous training to meet your family’s comfort needs through superb heat pump repair and heat pump replacement.

As your community whole-home heat pump service company, it’s our commitment to provide outstanding heat pump repair for all makes and models. We’ll offer you a well-defined estimate before we begin any repair work. And we’ll support our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.* Your complete satisfaction is very important to us. If you’re not wholly satisfied with our repair service, you can trust us to make it right.

We’re here 24/7 to achieve all your comfort needs. And you can count on our experienced techs to get your home comfortable again as fast as possible.

Call our experts at (352) 329-3740 or contact us online to arrange your heat pump repair appointment right away.

5 Signals You Need Heat Pump Repair Service

We’re committed to providing you with the best customer service. Which is why we are sharing some tips with you about making the most of heat pump repair service.

You’ll have a better understanding of how to notice symptoms that indicate common problems with heat pumps. We’ll also fill you in on the normal causes for these malfunctions and what you can do to avoid them from taking place again.

Your heat pump is one of the most critical components of any HVAC system. It operates diligently every day to bring both heating and cooling for your house. Because your heat pump runs throughout the year, it’s at greater risk of wear and tear. Worried your heat pump isn’t working properly? These indicators can determine if it calls for our professional help.

Weak or unpredictable heating and cooling. Most models of heat pumps rely on forced air to heat and cool your space. If you aren’t achieving comfort levels even after your heat pump has been running for a while, call Patrick's Heating & Air Conditioning at (352) 329-3740 to get heat pump service.

Your heat pump is noisier than normal. Your heat pump will make some noise even when it’s in perfect condition. But if that noise is especially loud or unusual, it could mean that something is incorrect with the equipment. Listen to the sound and call (352) 329-3740 for a heat pump inspection to ensure proper operation.

Frequent starting and stopping. A well-maintained heat pump shouldn’t be turning off and on repeatedly. This problem is also known as short-cycling and can lead to increased wear and tear over time.

Heat pump frozen or not turning on. When the heat pump is humming but the fan is not turning, or does not seem to run at all, it could signal a minor electrical or small part failure, or it could be a more dangerous safety issue. Call (352) 329-3740 to have the entire system looked at immediately. We do not suggest troubleshooting problems due to the risk of electric shock or potential further damage.

Utility bill is steadily increasing. A heat pump offers energy-efficient heating and cooling. If you haven’t adjusted your thermostat but energy costs are starting to increase, don’t hesitate to call for heat pump service to make sure the system is working as efficiently as possible.

5 Reasons Why You Might Need Heat Pump Repair

Once you’ve identified that there’s an issue, the next step is to narrow down potential causes. Unfortunately, there are several reasons why your heat pump is not working properly. At Patrick's Heating & Air Conditioning, our pros specialize in finding the root of the problem fast to save you time and money.

Here are several reasons why your heat pump isn’t running properly.

  1. There’s a problem with the thermostat. Your thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system, guiding your heat pump to adjust your home to the preferred temperature. If it’s not working correctly, your heat pump won’t either. You can confirm the thermostat settings are right, and check or replace the batteries. If these checks don’t solve it, call Patrick's Heating & Air Conditioning at (352) 329-3740 for assistance.
  2. An important component has broken or failed. Like a vehicle’s engine, there are several electrical and moving parts in your home’s engine. If a piece breaks down or fails, your heat pump could struggle to work appropriately or even at all. And just like a car, ongoing heat pump tune-ups can help prevent a failure by catching minor issues before they become larger problems.
  3. Lack of appropriate maintenance. To keep your heat pump in top condition and the warranty valid, you should have heat pump maintenance performed each year. At your maintenance appointment, Patrick's Heating & Air Conditioning will assess, lubricate and clean the components. A smoothly running heat pump could mean reduced energy bills and might even increase your heat pump’s overall life span. We have a Complete Comfort Club that keeps up with regular maintenance service. You’ll receive annual tune-ups for your heating and cooling system, plus priority service, exclusive repair discounts and more.
  4. Your air filter is dirty or clogged. Similar to any other type of HVAC system, your heat pump uses an air filter to stop dust and other pollutants from entering the internal parts of the system and flowing into your indoor air. If you don’t change the filter regularly it can easily get clogged. A dirty air filter causes the heat pump to work harder to deliver the same amount of heating or cooling, which can increase your energy bill.
  5. Your heat pump is getting old. Heat pumps can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance. But as they get older, the more prone they are to having to need repairs. If yours is older, it may be time to consider purchasing a new one.

Schedule Your Heat Pump Repair Right Away With Patrick’s Heating & Air Conditioning

Patrick's Heating & Air Conditioning stands apart from other HVAC companies because we start our process with a free estimate on select HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical Services and Replacements and back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.* You can rely on us to provide prompt, friendly service when hands-on expertise is necessary.

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