Can I Install A Water Heater On My Own?

Repair person checking water heater

DIY projects can be a great way to save money on repairs around your home, and we support any homeowner wanting to flex their plumbing knowledge. However, some DIY projects are a bit trickier than others, and a lot can go wrong when it comes to installations. So before you go ahead and install that water heater on your own, let’s break down why a DIY installation may not be the best path to take.

Lack Of Experience

We have seen some homeowners do impressive DIY projects through helpful Youtube tutorials and various online sources. It’s remarkable how people can teach themselves using resources online, but a quick five-minute video with installation projects is no match against years of experience.

Sometimes, one tutorial or resource can cover instructions for one specific water heater model, but what happens when you cannot find your particular model schematics or find particular tutorials on your water heater issue? Some solutions are gained through years of dealing with water heaters and can prevent a several-hour project from turning into a few weeks.

Preventing Structural Damage

Water heaters are relatively safe when properly installed. However, improper installation can lead to some scary results. When it comes to installing gas-powered water heaters, the most significant danger can be the improper installation of valves that can lead to pressure build-up and potentially an explosion.

While explosions are scary, one issue is overlooked: potential leaks! While a DIY installation can look great initially, if you do not correctly seal certain fixtures, it can lead to small leaks that will cause water damage over time. Not only is water damage hazardous for your health as it can facilitate mold growth, but you also run the risk of paying an arm and a leg to clean up the mold and replace water-damaged surfacers.


Let’s face it we all want to save money where we can, and hiring professionals can avoid the hassle of ordering a water heater that’s too big or one not big enough for your home. With p[ropfessioanl installation, you have the guarantee of knowing that if anything goes wrong, the plumbers will make it their duty to get your water heater working ASAP.

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